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Searching for a holiday cottage is faster and easier with HolidayCottageCompare.com. Your choice is huge because we've gathered over 6,000 of the best holiday cottages in one place.

And since we’re independent of cottage owners and letting agents, we don’t favour one cottage over another.

The price you pay is set by the agent and the owner.  We just make searching for your perfect holiday cottage simpler and faster.

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Make HolidayCottageCompare.com the basecamp for your great holiday. It only takes a few moments to set things up and it’s totally free.

As soon as you're done, you can save your favourite holiday cottages and share them with family and friends. Set up My HolidayCottageCompare now.

And, yes, your details are safe with us. We will never, ever pass them on to anyone else.

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