It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.  You’ve booked the perfect getaway for a well-earned break with the family – and then it starts to rain.  And it rains some more.  And then it really starts to pour…

You’ve searched hard and exhausted all the supplied board games.   The kids are moaning that they’re bored.  And even the dog looks fed up.

So what are your options?!

1. Check before you go

It’s often the last thing on your mind as you pack up the car but it can pay dividends to google the surrounding area before you go – especially if your holiday cottage doesn’t have wifi and it’s the first time you’ve visited the area. Gather together details of local indoor attractions, soft play centres and swimming pools – they’re always worth having as a back-up.

2. Great British Bake In

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to bake up a storm! And the end result needn’t be presented to Mary and Paul for judgement.  Simply melting chocolate, adding rice crispies and chopped marshmallows before chilling can be enough to pass the time until the clouds move on.

3. Make your own play dough

Who knew how many hours of fun can be had with this stuff?  And if you haven’t remembered to pack play dough then don’t worry! Making your own is very simple - try this recipe for a soft dough that can keep for months.

4. Play Hide and Seek

Ok – so this is an old one – but it has got to be more fun in a holiday cottage you’re not completely familiar with?!

5. Practice rain dancing

They say there’s no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing.  So perhaps the best thing is to pack for all eventualities and brave the rain in the brightest wellies you can find…

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