Tired of websites that require you to know exactly which county you want to visit before letting you search for your dream holiday cottage?  HolidayCottageCompare.com has the perfect solution! 

Unlike many other sites, you don’t have to enter a location before being able to search our site.

But if location is important to you, we offer several ways in which to find your perfect holiday cottage – and save you stacks of time.

Draw your own custom area on a map

Maybe you don’t know the exact names of all the islands in the Inner Hebrides but you’d like to see what’s available there in one search?

Click the globe icon on the home page and select the ‘Draw your own custom area’ option.  Simply zoom into the area you fancy visiting, drop some pins to define your area and hit ‘Confirm selection’.

Search for lots of different areas at once

Or maybe you’d like to select a number of previously defined areas on a map?  Say a country, a region or a county? Or maybe an area of interest like the Lake District, Cairngorms or Snowdonia?

Click the globe icon on the home page and choose the option ‘Select one or more regions’.  You can then search up to nine areas in one go.


And if you really fancy it – you can combine both of these options at once. That really is less time searching, more time dreaming.

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