Taking your dog away on holiday with you makes sense for so many reasons.  Not only will you not need to worry that he’s missing you, you’ll save a fortune on kennel costs as well as have a fantastic reason to explore your new area together.

And to make sure your holiday is as stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips on going away to a holiday cottage with your pet:

  1. Health check – make sure your dog is up to date with flea and tick preventative treatments and if appropriate, vaccinations, before you travel.
  2. On call – take a note of your own vet’s contact details as well as finding out in advance where the nearest vet is to your holiday cottage.
  3. Travel safely – squeezing the dog in alongside the rest of your luggage in an overloaded car is a recipe for disaster.  Consider not only their safety but also that of every passenger in the car by making sure they’re either securely harnessed or better still, transported in an appropriate travel cage.  And of course, never leave them alone in a vehicle, especially in the summer.
  4. Home from home – no matter how pet friendly a holiday cottage might be, it can still be unsettling for a dog to find itself in an unfamiliar property.  So ensure that you at least have his bed with you - and perhaps a favourite toy or two?
  5. Lost and found – double check that your dog is fitted with a collar with an ID tag listing important details such as your mobile number.  Better still, get him micro chipped.
  6. Plenty of fresh air – there’s nothing better than relaxing after a good day’s walking with your dog and it can pay dividends to look up good routes before you arrive at your holiday cottage.  Check to see if your property has local maps, guidebooks and advice about where to visit.  Past guest comments can be particularly useful in helping you make the most of your stay.
  7. Choose your holiday cottage carefully – there are many properties that list themselves as pet friendly.  But look closely to make sure they’re right for you.  You might also want a hosepipe to wash off the mud and a utility room to dry off your dog - well away from the lounge!  Or an enclosed garden to let them out, safe in the knowledge that they can’t escape.


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