At, we believe that limited mobility should not limit your ability to find the perfect holiday cottage.

And our flexible search criteria make it even easier for you to find a property that best suits all of your requirements.

Looking for a cottage with a downstairs bedroom and downstairs bathroom?

So if someone in your party needs a ‘downstairs bedroom’ and ‘downstairs bathroom’, then you can simply enter these phrases in the search box titled ‘what features are you looking for’ – or alternatively visit our list of downstairs bedroom & bathroom holiday cottages.

Disabled access holiday cottages with everything you need

And if you need more specific facilities, then our list of disabled access holiday cottages all describe themselves as having ‘disabled access’, which can include anything from downstairs bedrooms, bathrooms, grab rails, ramps, wheelchair access, walk-in showers and shower stools to parking right next to the property itself.

Alternatively, you might be looking to go away with young children and need to know that your cottage has an ‘enclosed garden’ or a ‘stair gate’ or ‘high chair’.  Simply enter these phrases – and anything else you might need - into the search box titled ‘what features are you looking for’.

Please remember to thoroughly check each cottage listing to ensure it properly meets your needs.

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