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3 tips for finding a holiday cottage within budget

If you’re looking for a holiday cottage and price is important (and let’s be honest, when isn’t it?) then here are some useful tips to help you find your perfect cottage within budget.

1.  Consider when you’re planning to go away

Most holiday cottages vary in price depending on the time of year that you are booking.

High season usually encompasses July and August as well as Christmas and the New Year. Prices can also increase during half term school holidays.

So if you can be flexible about when you travel, it’s always worth comparing the price of different weeks for each property you’re interested in. For example, November, early December and January can be great times to grab a bargain – or upgrade to that five star place with a hot tub?!


2. Compare the 7 night options when looking for short breaks

Number of nights dropdown options

Whilst many holiday cottages offer short break options, the way in which the cost of these is calculated can vary enormously from property to property.

Don’t always assume that 3 nights is more expensive than two – sometimes they can be the same!

This can also apply to 4 night breaks, where some owners and agents charge the same for seven nights.

One of the benefits of comparing all options is that you may well find a cottage for 7 nights that is cheaper than a different cottage for 4 nights.

Better still, if you only want to stay for 4 of the 7 nights, you may also be able to be more flexible with your arrival and departure times – especially important if you’re trying to get kids packed up and out for 10 am!


3. Use our price range sliders

Price range sliders for Holiday Cottage Compare

Clicking on the ‘Refine search’ button on the home page will give you a huge array of different ways to narrow down your search for a holiday cottage.

One of these is the price range sider. Choose whether you’re looking for exact dates or flexible dates and then simply move the slider to select your chosen minimum or maximum price.

Click ‘Search’ and all available properties within your chosen price range will then be returned.

Need a hand? Feel free to contact us for more help finding the perfect holiday cottage for you.

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