Looking to stay in an unfamiliar area and wish you knew all the towns, villages and hamlets nearby so you could search them too for the perfect holiday cottage?

Perhaps you’re planning to attend a wedding or special event in a large city but want to see if there’s somewhere within driving distance that’s cheaper to stay?

Maybe you’re visiting friends or relatives but there’s not enough room for you to stay so you need a cottage a short drive away?

Here at Holiday Cottage Compare, we have an easy way of helping you find new places in areas you might not have otherwise thought of staying in.

Where would you like to go?

When you choose where you would like to go on our homepage, you also have the option of expanding your search area by either distance or drive time.

So, let’s say you are interested in booking a holiday cottage in Edinburgh. You just enter ‘Edinburgh’ in the box but then find that you want more than is returned in your search.

Perhaps you need a larger outdoor space for the kids to run around? Or you’d love a hot tub? Or maybe you’re looking for a slightly cheaper property?

Drive time and distance image from Holiday Cottage Compare

By clicking on the ‘expand my search by distance or drive time’, you can then also search for properties within your chosen distance (anything from 5 miles to 200 miles) as well as drive time (from 15 minutes to 4 hours away).

This will then show you cottages in areas you might not otherwise have thought of – or known about – that could be within easy reach of your original chosen destination.

Need inspiration?

The drive time and distance feature can also be useful if you have ever wanted to explore more of the UK but find yourself staying in the same old places, perhaps out of habit. Perhaps because you’re short of inspiration?

Have you ever wondered where you could get to within 2 hours of your home location if you took a different direction? Do you know what lies within 100 miles of your home town – in every direction?

Why not give it a try? Visit Holiday Cottage Compare and simply enter your home location. Then decide how far you’re prepared to drive. Or how long you want to spend in the car (particularly useful if you have young kids!).  

The results might just surprise you!

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