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Which holiday cottage are you?

Everyone loves something that’s personal to them.  Imagine ALL your favourite chocolates put together into a lovely presentation box. Or a day filled with nothing but your favourite activities.

Now, think about your next holiday cottage having everything you ever wanted. Being just perfect - and personalised to you. Because that’s exactly what we’re passionate about letting you do at Holiday Cottage Compare.

What would make a holiday cottage perfect for you?

Can I have a hot tub?  2 bedrooms? 5? 20?  Or perhaps a games room?  No – a swimming pool.  And definitely somewhere for the dogs to run around off their leads outside.  Is being near to the beach too much to ask for?  How about a holiday cottage with a four-poster bed?  Or just one with a coffee machine? And can I search for the whole of the school summer holidays in one go?

Whatever the difference is for you between your holiday cottage being great and one that’s absolutely being perfect for you, we can use these factors to help find you a cottage that ticks every box. 

And what’s more, we have made it incredibly fast and easy for you to find your next holiday cottage using these parameters. Yes, all of them – plus hundreds more!

Where would your perfect holiday cottage be?

Where you would like to go on holiday. Don’t mind? Or perhaps you really want to be by the coast?  The mountains? Or a buzzing city break? 

Ever wished you could just look at what’s available within two hours’ drive from your home? You can with us.

Or maybe you want to visit a region – but don’t know if particularly well – and would prefer to search for cottages within 10 miles of the nearest town, say, for example, Inverness? Yep, that’s possible too.

What if you don’t want to search using a standard location. Wouldn’t it be easier to just go and draw your own area on a map – one that takes in where everyone coming to stay in the cottage has said they’re prepared to travel to? Well, the good news is that you can do that too with us.

Search for your own area on a map

With Holiday Cottage Compare, not only can you can choose from villages, towns and cities in the UK, you can also search by areas of interest, such as the National Parks. And better still, you can search them all together at once!

Too busy to search for holiday cottages?

Many of our customers have already searched for holiday cottages before they come to us. Often for hours on end. Only to find the cottage they want is already booked.

They’re usually pretty fed up too.  Which is why once they have experienced how quick and easy it is to find exactly what they’re looking for with Holiday Cottage Compare, they come back to us every time they need to book a holiday cottage.

Whether you’re searching for yourself or whether you ask us to search for you, the end result will provide you with holiday cottages that are perfect for you, in a fraction of the time it would take you anywhere else.

We’ll find your perfect holiday cottage for you – in minutes!

Our holiday experts love searching for properties and can send you personalised results within minutes. It’s not for nothing that our strapline is ‘Less time searching, more time dreaming’.

So let us know your criteria – give us as much detail as you like – and we’ll send you one simple link to view ALL the properties that meet your individual requirements.  You can’t get more personalised than that.

How Holiday Cottage Compare is different

We set up Holiday Cottage Compare to help you find your perfect holiday cottage in minutes. To make it as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Fed up of only being able to search for properties after inputting dates and locations ourselves, we wanted to offer a different way to search for holiday cottages.

Putting the holidaymaker at the centre of the search

So, whether you’re looking for a wide date range, or a very specific type of holiday cottage using lots of different specifications, our website takes the effort out of searching. 

And perhaps most importantly, when you’ve found your perfect place, you can book it there and then. You can see whether or not it’s available and exactly what the price is. And you can bag it straight away.

We list over 10,000 different holiday cottages throughout the UK yet still make it easy for you to get results in seconds and recommendations in minutes, so that you don’t spend hours trawling through holiday cottage websites.

Need a hand finding the perfect holiday cottage?

Find out more about how our bespoke holiday cottage finding service works on our Help find my holiday cottage page.

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