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When it comes to searching for a different way to celebrate a romantic milestone this year, Holiday Cottage Compare founder Paula Alexander, suggests that, whatever you are looking for, a stay in a holiday cottage offers far more (for far less) than a night or two in a hotel. Here she explains why:

You have the whole place to yourself in a holiday cottage

One of the best aspects of staying in a holiday cottage is the thought of having the place to yourself. Of course, who doesn’t love a 5 star, swanky hotel lobby and lounge, people watching, whilst you sip a G&T? But at the end of the day, I still prefer to shut myself away from everyone else and relax into a space that’s my own.

And space is one thing a holiday cottage can offer in spades. Whether you’ve booked a romantic cottage for two or decided on something a little bigger, where you can catch up with friends and really spread out your stuff, a holiday cottage offers you more than just one small, rectangular, hotel room, which is a facsimile of every other hotel room you’ve ever stayed in.

Another benefit of a holiday cottage over a hotel room is that because you’re not sharing your cottage with strangers, there’s no likelihood of any late night banging of doors or guests shouting down the corridors, right outside your room, to wake you up. Just, perhaps, the call of a distant owl!

Order in your own food – or chef – to your holiday cottage

Furthermore, without other hotel guests around, when you stay in a holiday cottage, you can wear exactly what you want and feel free to wander round, at any time you choose, grabbing a late night snack – or perhaps preparing breakfast in bed the following morning. And there’s no need to quickly tidy your room and throw on some clothes because room service is about to walk in!

One of the most common means of getting exactly the food you want to your holiday cottage is to order it in advance to be delivered by the nearest supermarket. With most supermarkets offering this service, it makes sense not to have to stuff the car with food as you leave and then worry about the ‘fridge stuff’ getting warm on the drive down.

And if you would rather not cook at all, then don’t worry – at Holiday Cottage Compare, you can even filter your results by ‘private chef’. There’s currently 138 cottages which offer one!

Holiday cottages offer a wider choice of location

Holiday cottages, unlike hotels, tend to be available in far more diverse and widespread locations. Sure you can stay in a hotel in any city in the UK – as well as the countryside, particularly in the larger, spa break, country house hotels, complete with onsite golf courses.

But at Holiday Cottage Compare, we have holiday cottages throughout the UK, offering incredible scenic views, which command expansive sea views or else are tucked away in secret destinations, overlooking Welsh valleys, that you won’t know the precise location of until you’ve booked.

Prefer the hustle and bustle of the city? Then we also have a wide range of city break holiday cottages, which act as a welcome retreat, with easy access to shops, wine bars and the best restaurants.

Book a stay in a quirky and unusual holiday cottage

But when you consider some of the types of buildings you can now book as holiday cottages, it’s the perfect opportunity to try something different. And a great way of creating memories of a special occasion.

Who wouldn’t like to receive a proposal of marriage from the top of this Victorian Gothic folly in Kent?

Hadlow tower gothic folly

Or perhaps celebrate Valentine’s Day in a yurt, complete with log burner and private hot tub?

Perhaps you would rather celebrate years together in a lighthouse, overlooking the sea, as a storm approaches?

Whatever you fancy, holiday cottage breaks offer you the choice of a far quirkier and unusual place to stay.

Choose all the luxuries of a hotel – and more - in your next holiday cottage

One of the great features of Holiday Cottage Compare’s search functionality is that you can filter your results by many of the same things you might also get in a hotel – plus lots more.

So if you’re looking for a games room (snooker table, pool table or table tennis?) or perhaps a swimming pool, then we’ve got that covered.

How about a cottage with a golf course nearby? Or horse riding nearby? A wood burning fire? And what if you want to bring your pet along?

Not only can you now filter your results by 2,3,4, or 5 dogs, you can also select a property with an enclosed garden or the coast nearby. Meaning that everyone gets exactly what they’re looking for in their break away.

hot tub and champagne

And of course, one of the most searched luxuries is a holiday cottage with a hot tub. Perfect for relaxing in whatever the weather and time of year, we’re seeing more and more holiday makers request them when they book.

Tell us what you’re looking for in your next holiday cottage

Holiday Cottage Compare makes it faster and easier to find your next holiday cottage in the UK. Putting the customer at the centre of our web design, we’re passionate about matching holiday makers to their perfect cottage.

If you would like us to search for your next holiday cottage, just let us know more about what you are looking for and we will happily send over some suggestions. Message us using this form. Or call to speak with one of our holiday cottage specialists on 0845 163 8815.

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