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It's not always easy to book a school summer holiday cottage, as many companies ask the ‘wrong’ questions first. You'll often be requested to set specific dates for travel first, and even 'flexible' options usually only allow up to 3 days either way.

At Holiday Cottage Compare, we don't force you to answer questions in a specific order, and you can skip some of those annoying first questions completely if you want, so you can search regardless of location or date range.

We want you to be able to find a holiday cottage in July and August or any time in the school summer holidays on your own terms, whether that means exact dates, no dates at all, or even setting a start and end date that spans from May to September - whatever works best for you.

As far as we know, we have the most flexible date search available, so for a busy time of year, it's the ideal way for you to book for the school summer holidays without overlapping into any unauthorised term time absence too.

Large cottages on small budgets

If you have a lot of kids, or you're planning to go away for summer with the neighbours and their children, or some school friends, we have large holiday cottages available at a range of different budgets.

You can set a budget limit to narrow down your search, as well as specifying a maximum distance from home or a maximum driving time to get there - so there should be no need to hear "are we nearly there yet?" and not be certain of the answer!

It all adds up to a really flexible search to help you find a holiday cottage in July and August that ticks all of the boxes, whether it's a large cottage for several families, one with enough bathrooms to avoid a queue, or even a pet-friendly property with suitable spaces for one or more dogs.

Keep the kids entertained

When you book with Holiday Cottage Compare, in many cases you get more than just the cottage itself, as some of our listings include access to swimming pools, sports facilities and other child-friendly activities, often at no extra cost.

You can always see what's available in the property description - cottages and mobile homes on larger holiday parks will typically have more facilities, for example - but even some of our smaller standalone holiday cottages have a games room or a nearby public park or play area.

If you're going as part of a group of several families, our largest cottages pack plenty into what's available, so why not put your budgets together to get the biggest house you can, complete with private games room, swimming pool or play area in the garden?

Again, our flexible search makes it easy to see all the options that fit your basic criteria, or even just to browse through the properties of a particular type, or in a particular area - it's entirely up to you.

Finding the right school summer holiday cottage

You can start with a date range and/or location if you want - we just recognise that this doesn't suit everyone, so we don't force you to fill in answers if you don't have anything specific in mind.

Alternatively, use our tick-box filters to narrow down the list according to the type of property, the facilities on-site and nearby, and some of the basics like how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want too.

Let us find your perfect cottage for you with our cottage concierge service

If you still can't find anything suitable, we would love to help.

Our holiday cottage concierge service takes into account exactly what you need.

Simply complete our holiday cottage concierge form, letting us know what matters to you and within 24 hours, we will email you back the best solutions from over 11,000 holiday cottages - helping you to take the stress out of getting away with the kids this summer.

Or contact us at Holiday Cottage Compare for more information.

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