Accessibility is not the obstacle it once was when it comes to booking one-level holiday cottages, and if your party includes elderly people, individuals with mobility impairments or even just anyone recovering from a temporary injury, a holiday bungalow allows you to get away for a well-earned break without having to worry about climbing stairs.

One-level holiday cottages go further than just having a ground-floor bedroom, as you know everything is on the same storey - with no stairs and no heavy lifting of luggage to first-floor bedrooms.

In fact of course, you don't need to have anybody with physical disabilities, injuries or mobility impairments in your group to book a single-level holiday cottage, as you might just prefer the ease of access it brings when moving around the accommodation.

Accessible holiday cottages for disabilities or temporary injuries

Nobody should miss out on a relaxing weekend away due to injury or impaired mobility, which is why we make sure all of our holiday bungalows are easy to find.

Just tick 'Bungalow' on the Property Type list to show our one-floor holiday cottages in Map View, or as a list you can sort by price, party size, number of bedrooms or five-star rating.

You can still also use our other options to filter the list further, for example if you want to take pets along with you, or you need access to a swimming pool or specific sports facilities to help with your rehabilitation.

For us a one-level holiday cottage is a feature - not a limit - and can be an excellent starting point to help narrow down your search by finding cottages of the size you need, in the location you want.

Holiday cottages for disabled people

If you do have a disability, we have search options for that too. Just scroll down to our Ease of Access options for everything you are likely to need for most common impairments.

We have listings for ease of disabled access, as well as certain ground-floor facilities like holiday cottages with a downstairs bedroom and a downstairs bathroom in addition to separate downstairs toilet and disabled-access shower or bath - you can even start here to narrow your search down to bungalows only, so all of the relevant options are in the one place.

Finally if you use a dog for any reason - whether as a guide dog or for mobility assistance, or just as a companion - you can specify dog-friendly properties here too, so there's absolutely no doubt that your canine carer will be given the hero's welcome they deserve.

Easy access holiday cottages

Of course you don't need to have a specific mobility impairment or physical disability to benefit from easy access holiday cottages, as one-level bungalows make it easier for anyone to move around and can cut down on lifting heavy luggage, rather than simply wheeling it in at ground level.

Garden access is naturally different in a one-storey holiday cottage, so if you're looking for a bedroom with patio doors that lead straight outside, a bungalow cottage can be a good starting point for that.

You might even prefer the homeliness of having everything on the ground floor, so you don't have to go upstairs to use the bathroom or when it's time for bed.

Ultimately the choice is yours, and with our List View and Map View, you can choose whether to prioritise the property's location - for example if you need it to be close to a particular travel route you know well - or whether its other features, such as being pet-friendly or offering disabled access, are more important for you.

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