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Trying to find a holiday cottage in the UK can be time consuming at best. Frustratingly, many websites not only want to know exactly where and when you want to stay, they also won’t let you set a budget to help refine your search results. Which leaves you scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of properties, trying to work out which you can afford to book. Until now.

Holiday Cottage Compare not only shows you real time prices and up to date availability when you specify your exact dates, it also lets you set a budget for your search.

You can even choose a minimum or maximum amount to make the whole process faster – and easier.

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Search for a holiday cottage by date – or no dates at all

Once you have decided where you want to go (and it’s not a requirement - you can just as easily select ‘I don’t mind where’ if that suits you better) you can then decide when you want to go.

If you decide that dates don’t matter, perhaps because you just want to see what’s available without limiting it by setting a date, then you can choose ‘I don’t mind when’. And we’ll show you everything we have in your chosen area.

But if dates do matter (and they can be as flexible as you like) you can select the ‘exact dates’ option and refine your budget by anything from under £100 to over £4000.

Northumberland cottage kitchen

Refine your holiday cottage search by date and budget

It’s the same with the ‘flexible dates’ option too. Choose this button and you can conduct a much wider date search – perfect if, for example, you would like to see everything we have for £1000 or less between 13th July and the 30th August – which just happen to be the exact dates of the school summer holidays.

Or set it wider and look for everything we have in 2019 for under £400, for a long romantic, weekend away with a hot tub to celebrate a special occasion.

You can of course leave the budget option open and it will default to looking for everything we have available, whatever the price.

Choose your own budget with Holiday Cottage Compare

By offering the ability to search by price, you can look for holiday cottages right across the UK within your budget - confident that you won’t be tempted to overspend!

Want to see where you can go for a short weekend for £200? Or what we’ve got for a last minute escape in Scotland for £300?

Or maybe you’re looking to book ahead for Christmas next year with the family but want to set a ceiling on the price at £1000 for a week? Whatever your requirements, our minimum and maximum price option means you can find the perfect holiday cottage in seconds.

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Filter your holiday cottage search by what matters to you

Having decided on your ceiling budget, there’s also nothing more frustrating than getting pages and pages of results and then wondering how you can filter them by the features most important to you!

So we’ve made this easier by not only letting you select the number of bedrooms – you can also choose the number of bathrooms (avoiding queues for the showers in the morning!).

Want to bring your pets? Not only can you select our cottages that welcome pets, we also let you choose exactly how many dogs you’re bringing with you. (You might also want an enclosed garden and a utility room to dry them off in?)

If a hot tub’s your bag, then add that as a tag. And why not look through cottages with games rooms, snooker tables and swimming pools as well?

Need a cottage with mobility access?

It’s not just luxuries like hot tubs that matter when booking a holiday cottage. For many, finding a cottage with a downstairs bedroom or bathroom can be just as important. And perhaps a wet room or walk in shower too. So we let you seach for all these – and full disabled access properties too.

Set your holiday cottage budget and don’t pay a penny more

Setting a budget can quickly help speed up your search for a holiday cottage or self catering apartment in the UK.

And our real time pricing means that you will know the exact cost of your holiday cottage when you run a search with us.

The price is set by the owner or agent themselves: we don’t add a penny more to the cost of the holiday.

Need a hand finding your next holiday cottage?

If, despite reading this, you would still rather catch up on the soaps than spend time look for a cottage, then don’t worry! We can do the hard work for you!

Let us help you find your next holiday cottage by completing our simple holiday cottage concierge form. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours, with one web link containing every property we have that matches your requirements.

Like the cottage featured in this blog? This Northumberland cottage can be booked for less than £200 for 7 nights.

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