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When it comes to looking for something a little out of the ordinary, there’s not much that can beat hiring a lighthouse holiday cottage for a week away.

So what exactly is a lighthouse? Where can you find one? And what are the advantages of booking one to stay in?

What is a lighthouse?

Lighthouses are tall towers, or similar structures, specifically designed to emit light as a navigational aid for ships at sea or piloting inland waterways.

Lighthouses were intended to draw attention to hazardous coastlines, reefs and rocks as well as mark safe entry points to harbours. They’ve been keeping sailors on the right course since the early 18th century.

Lighthouse keepers were employed to staff each lighthouse, ensuring they remained in full working order before the advent of electrification and automatic lamp changers, which ultimately rendered keepers obsolete.

lighthouse view

What makes a lighthouse an attractive place to stay?

1.Lighthouse holiday cottages come with uninterrupted sea views!

By virtue of the fact that lighthouses need to look right out over the sea, staying in lighthouse holiday accommodation means you get to benefit from the most spectacular – and uninterrupted -sea views.

None of this catching a glimpse of a couple of waves when you stand on tip toes from a first floor room. Rather a full on, completely exposed, right up and close sea view.

What could be better?

2.Holiday cottages don’t come much quirkier than a lighthouse

It’s horses for courses isn’t it? Whilst many people would be more than happy with a cosy fisherman’s cottage for 4 in Whitby or a large barn in Cornwall, there’s something pretty out of the ordinary about booking a stay in a lighthouse!

Perfect for those who like to really escape from it all, a stay in a lighthouse offers peace and quiet*, far from the madding crowds, with unrivalled opportunities to explore the UK coastline.

3.Lighthouses are great in all weathers – especially a storm!

We can all see the attraction of a coastal holiday, with sea views and a warm breeze on a summer evening as you sit outside and enjoy the vista from your lighthouse.

But what about staying there when the weather changes?

Well, the great thing about lighthouses is that they’re designed to stand firm come rain or shine. And staying in a lighthouse as a stormy front comes in has to be one of the most exciting experiences. Especially if you can cuddle up in front of a log fire as the rain lashes the windows…

4.You are supporting a national treasure

It is estimated that there are approximately 60 lighthouses dotted around the UK, many of them looked after and kept operational by Trinity House, a charity dedicated to safeguarding shipping and seafarers.

So by staying in one of these lighthouse holiday cottages, you are in fact doing your bit to help keep sailors safe on the UK coastline. In fact, if you stay in one that’s still operational, there’s even a chance

lighthouse on the coast

How to book a lighthouse holiday cottage in the UK

Finding a break away in a lighthouse on the UK coastline is incredibly easy: just visit our page listing lighthouse holiday cottages for rent and you will find them all together in one place. Generally speaking, you’ll be staying in the former lighthouse keeper’s cottages, around the base of the lighthouse tower itself.

You can narrow your search down by location – there are several lighthouses for rent in Cornwall for instance as well as Kent, Norfolk and the north east.

Or find a property that sleeps anything from 2 people through to 6 people. As well as one that welcomes your pets. There’s even one with its own swimming pool!

And if you want something even quirkier than a lighthouse, you can always choose to stay in the lighthouse made famous in the TV programme Fraggle Rock.

Jim Henson’s UK production was set in the lighthouse in the grounds of this Cornwall property.

Need a hand finding a lighthouse to stay in?

Have a look through our lighthouse holiday cottages available to rent in the UK. And feel free to use the many filter options on the left, to narrow down what is available until you find your favourite property.

If you have any questions about booking a lighthouse as a holiday cottage please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help with questions about the cottages and to share any advice before you make a booking.

Or if you’d rather sit back and put your feet up whilst we find the perfect place for you, then please contact our concierge service and tell us what you are looking for in your next holiday cottage.

We aim to get back to you with tailored suggestions within 24 hours.

*Unless there’s incoming fog, in which case some of these lighthouses have a fog siren. Remember your earplugs!

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