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A recent report by the BBC has shown an increase in the number of multi-generational holidays being taken both in the UK and overseas.

The survey found that big brands such as Virgin, Tui, Hoseasons, Thomas Cook, Ryan Air and Easy Jet all reported that holidays with parents, grandparents and children are becoming much more common.

So what are the attractions? And could multi-generational breaks away be the way forward?

What are multi-generational holidays?

Put simply, a multi generation holiday is one where three or more generations, often from the same family, go away to share a holiday together.

Typically, this is likely to be made up of families comprising children, their parents and their own parents.

What are the benefits of more generations holidaying together?

If you stop and think about it, the benefits of holidaying with several generations are many and varied. They include:

1.Sharing the costs

One of the most obvious benefits of going away together is the opportunity to share costs. Not just the cost of the accommodation but also the food and drink, all of which can make up the greater part of the price of taking a holiday.

2.Babysitting on site

Taking built-in babysitters away with you on holiday is a huge attraction for those parents with younger children, who would give anything for a night off or a lie in!

Even sharing out the entertainment of the children during the day can be greatly appreciated – and in turn, many grandparents will relish the thought of extended time to play with their grandchildren whilst away on holiday.

3.A greater sense of community

With very few generations living together nowadays compared with say, the earlier part of the 20th century, many families report that holidaying together offers precious time to just hang out with each other, in a relaxed and pressure-free environment.

Eating together has been shown to play an important role in family unity and yet so few families prioritise this on a day to day basis. A holiday together is a great chance to rectify this.

And with many of us now living hundreds of miles away from close family, time together really can be appreciated.

4.Improved mental health

Most of us go away on holiday for rest and relaxation – to recharge both physically and mentally. And holidaying together as three generations has the potential to provide this in spades.

This is particularly true for older generations who may otherwise live alone – and suffer from loneliness – and who would therefore hugely benefit from company. They may otherwise not take a holiday simply because they don’t have anyone to go away with.

5.Booking a bigger house

One really exciting benefit of booking to go away together is the chance to find a large holiday cottage with all the features you’ve ever wanted in a break away!

Sharing the cost makes hiring a big house far more affordable and can open up chances to book really large properties with huge livings spaces, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, games rooms, hot tubs, tennis courts or extensive grounds. All features that might not otherwise be available to the average family of four looking to get away.

What are the downsides to going away with several generations?

Well, it hardly needs saying that just because all of the above are clear benefits, that you should rush out to book your next holiday if in fact, you would rather be a million miles away from your family – on a good day!

After all, many of us have attended family gatherings with our siblings, as adults, only to find arguments virtually 20 years old resurfacing.

Or found that being in the company of parents for an extended time can make you feel like you’re 12 again. And not necessarily in a good way.

And that’s before you’ve considered going away with the in-laws!

So if holidaying with your family is likely to be nothing close to relaxing, then perhaps you should reconsider.

But if you can see nothing but benefits, then why not give it a try?

You might appreciate these tips on how to avoid arguments on a family holiday, including getting more sleep in advance of your time away!

How can I find a multi-generational holiday cottage in the UK?  

Finding a holiday cottage in the UK that fits your requirements is incredibly fast and easy with Holiday Cottage Compare.

That’s because we designed our website around you as the customer, so that you can search for exactly what you want, when you want, with all the features of a holiday rental that are important to you.

So if you are looking to get away with your extended family, there might be some essential requirements that are more important to you than say, location.

For a start, you might be looking for a large holiday cottage in the UK sleeping 8 or more people. Reassuringly, we have thousands of these!

You might also fancy a touch of luxury – for example, a large UK holiday cottage with a hot tub. We have got hundreds of those.

And if you’re a competitive family, keen to offer in-house tournaments or just wanting to weather proof the trip away in the event of rain, then a holiday cottage sleeping 8 or more people, with a games room might be right up your street.

Thinking about some of the less mobile members of your group, you may want to consider a holiday cottage with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. Not everyone requires full disabled access but often the very young as well as the less mobile really appreciate not having to climb steep stairs to get to bed.

And remembering of course that family holidays include pets for many people, then a pet friendly holiday cottage welcoming up to five dogs may well be a necessity – especially if several of you have a dog to bring along.

Your list of requirements can be many and varied – but whatever you are looking for, we’re confident we have a holiday cottage suitable for everyone.

Need help finding a cheap large holiday home for a family gathering?

If you are stuck with a huge list of requirements for your next multi-generational holiday cottage break in the UK, then by all means give us a shout.

We love nothing better that matching families with their perfect cottage.

And if you would like us to run the search for you, whilst you take a well deserved nap, then fill in this simple concierge form telling us exactly what you are looking for and we will get back to you with a list of tailored suggestions within 24 hours.

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