At the time of writing, most of the UK remains in lockdown thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. And it doesn’t look as though much is going to change anytime soon.

Summer holidays are rapidly being cancelled or postponed and it feels like such a long time since families were able to get together and just relax.

With this as the backdrop, it might well account for the increase in interest in large holiday cottages over Christmas and New Year, as more and more people search for something to look forward to. And perhaps a fitting way to come together and see off a truly dreadful year for many in style.

There are, of course, no guarantees that it will be possible to get away for Christmas or New Year this year.

But assuming you can, how do you go about finding the best large, cheap, holiday cottage in December 2020, in order to spend time with friends and family?

We take a closer look.

The best large holiday cottages for Christmas 2020

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a large house to share with friends or a property to get together with family, meeting up over Christmas or New Year makes a welcome alternative to staying at home.

There can also be significant savings to be had by booking a larger holiday cottage for Christmas sleeping 8 or more people and sharing out the cost between you.

Multi-generational breaks away are also increasing in popularity as a great way of gather family from all parts of the UK under one roof, in a holiday rental with large open plan living and dining spaces, big log burning fires and perhaps a downstairs bedroom and bathroom for the less mobile in your group.

Christmas 2020 holiday cottages where pets are welcome

It wouldn’t be Christmas without your dogs around you and the good news is that we have thousands of holiday cottages in the UK that welcome dogs over the festive period.

You can take from one dog up to 5 dogs in many of our holiday rentals, so do check the individual property details for further information.

And on behalf of all dogs, may we suggest you opt for a wood burning fire for them to cuddle up in front of on return from a long day out walking?!

Large holiday cottages for Christmas or New Year with a games room

Booking a larger holiday cottage for Christmas or New Year often means you get the benefit of more luxury facilities such as a games room

Ideal for hanging out in all day long if you fancy, a games room offers weather proofed entertainment for all the family, whatever their ages.

Look out for holiday cottages with a pool table or snooker table as well as a table tennis table, dart board or even a home cinema!

Holiday cottages for Christmas and New Year with a hot tub

Whilst only the brave would opt for a holiday cottage in the UK with an outdoor swimming pool over the winter, there are plenty more who would choose a Christmas or New Year holiday cottage with a hot tub!

One of the best things about a hot tub is that it really doesn’t matter what time of year you are staying – or what the weather is doing.

Because, come rain or shine, sleet or snow, a hot tub makes for great entertainment without having to leave the comfort of your holiday cottage.

Looking for help finding a cheap, large holiday cottage for Christmas or New Year?

Are you looking for the best UK holiday cottage for Christmas 2020?

Or the perfect holiday accommodation in the UK for New Year 2020?

Whether you want a huge house in order to meet up with friends. Or a cosy cottage for two in the middle of nowhere, we have over 14,000 holiday cottages throughout the UK for you to choose from.

We also offer a free holiday cottage finding service, which lets you specify exactly what you are looking for. And leaves the rest of the hard work searching up to us.

We then email you a link containing all your perfect holiday cottages. All you have to do is choose which you like the best.

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