Do you charge more than the letting agents or owners would on their own website?

No. The price you pay is set by the holiday cottage letting agent or owner themselves.  We don't add a single penny more to the price you pay for any property on our website.

How secure is your booking process?

We are integrated with several different booking systems, which means that not only do you get the most up to date prices and availability for any holiday cottage you’re interested in, it also means that your online payment is secure, significantly reducing the likelihood of the kind of fraud.

These booking systems use leading edge encryption and password protection. And, since they process, store or transmit credit card information, they are also required to maintain a secure environment and comply with strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

For further peace of mind, you may wish to pay with a credit card.

Who is my contract with?

Your contract is with the holiday cottage letting agent for the property itself or its owner.

Are you affiliated to any particular holiday cottage letting agent?

No, we are independent of all agents.

Can we take our pets?

We love dogs! And many of our holiday cottages are pet friendly, with a good number taking more than one pet - and some even up to 5! Please check each property listing for further information.

We do ask that you take full responsibility for your pet and that they are kept under control at all times, off the furniture and beds and exercised away from the property itself. They should also never be left alone in the property.

For peace of mind, we also have a category for pet friendly holiday cottages with enclosed gardens but would add that these cannot be considered 100% escape-proof!

Please also note that some beaches in the UK only allow dogs out of the holiday season.

One of our party has allergies - do you have any pet-free holiday cottages?

Yes we do! Our no pets allowed holiday cottages might help with anyone who has an allergy to cats or dogs. Please check each individual property listing for further information. 


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