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I need a hand finding a holiday cottage in the UK

For many, searching for and finding the perfect holiday cottages in the UK can take hours and hours of precious time. Only for you then to find that the property is no longer available to book for the dates you want or at a price you can afford.

At Holiday Cottage Compare, we work hard to put the holiday maker at the centre of the search, thinking about not only what you might be looking for in your next holiday cottage but also how you might want to search for it.

Show me holiday cottages free during the school holidays

So, for some people, dates really do matter. Perhaps you can only go away in the school holidays? You are therefore limited by dates from the start of July until the end of August. Which is why we have made it possible to search all these weeks at once.

We are the only holiday cottage web portal we know that lets you do this.

It just saves you a lot of time and bother. And gets you the cottage you want in minutes.

I need to find a holiday cottage under £600

On the other hand, some people may not care about dates at all. But they might be price driven to find a cottage within a particular budget and that will then determine when they go away.

But how do you know when is the cheapest time to book a holiday cottage? You can guess that it is likely to cost more during the summer and over Christmas (you’d be right!) but pinpointing the less expensive weeks can be harder.

So we have developed the option for you to select your maximum (and minimum!) budget. And if you combine this with an open date search, you can look through our whole portfolio of cottages for the whole year ahead to find something perfect for you.

Can I look for a holiday cottage in more than one location at once?

In short, yes you can! We offer a huge degree of flexibility when it comes to searching where in the UK you might want to go.

You would expect to be able to choose from for all the known villages, towns and cities right? But would you expect to be able to search for several at once?

Not only can you search for say ‘Truro, London and St Ives’, you can also add in countries, counties and areas of interest, like the National Parks. All at the same time.

So now you can widen your search to ‘Cornwall, London, St Ives, Lake District and Scotland’. Again, all at the same time.

Or maybe you’d prefer to put in your home location and look for properties within 2 hours drive or 200 miles? Yep, you can do that too.

And saving the best to last, did you know that we also let you draw your own search area on our map?!

Make it as quirky a shape as you like and when you’re done, we’ll show you every cottage that fits the bill within its boundaries.

And for those who don’t care where their next holiday cottage is, don’t worry. You can just select ‘I don’t mind where’ and we’ll show you them all.

My holiday cottage must have a downstairs bedroom. And bathroom.

Finding the best holiday cottage that suits everyone in your party can often be quite a challenge!

Once you’ve got the number of people confirmed (and then the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they all need) there may well be other important considerations in selecting the right cottage.

If someone in your party has problems with mobility, stairs may present a difficulty, leaving you wishing for the ability to find a cottage with a downstairs bedroom. And bathroom.

Fortunately, we’ve gone through all our properties to make sure they are tagged with literally hundreds of different options that you might want to choose when booking a cottage in the UK.

Not only do these include a downstairs bedroom, bathroom and toilet for the less mobile. You can also select a property with a walk in shower or even a wet room. And of course, there are disabled access cottages for those using a wheelchair of perhaps needing a hoist.

Do you have a child friendly holiday cottage? That takes 3 dogs?!

The features tags don’t stop there! There are hundreds of other tags that take into account all the possible variables you might be looking for.

If you have babies and small children, you will need your cottage to be child friendly. But it doesn’t stop there. You will more than likely also want a bath, a washing machine and a children’s play area. And maybe a stair gate, a cot and a high chair. And for the evenings, a wine fridge?!

Those with pets can often find it a real challenge to find a cottage that takes more than one dog. Sure they specify that they’re pet friendly but then you spend days emailing to find out if your three Great Danes can be safely accommodated!

To make life a little easier, we have now made it possible for you to search for pet friendly cottages that take 2 dogs, 3 dogs, 4 dogs or even 5 dogs. Yu can also add an enclosed garden. And a log fire for warming everyone up at the end of a long walk…

Can I choose what type of cottage I stay in?

Yes of course. Holiday cottages comes in all shapes and sizes. And some are more quirky than others!

So not only can you select a property that’s detached or on one level, you can also choose a lighthouse, a boathouse or a castle. And a water tower, a safari tent or a yurt. Or a shepherd’s hut. Or railway carriage. You get the gist!

So, whatever kind of holiday cottage you are looking for, you can find it with Holiday Cottage Compare. With us, you really can just look for sea view + hot tub + 2 hours from London.

I need a hand finding my holiday cottage!

If all this search and filtering functionality leaves you cold, don’t worry!

We completely understand that everyday life takes over and that often, you simply don’t have the time to look for a holiday cottage yourself.

So why not let us do it for you? Our team of friendly experts are on hand waiting to give you a hand and our concierge service to find a holiday cottage means that you just need to let us know what you are looking for and we will do the rest. A kind of butler service to you. It’s your holiday after all so start as you mean to go on!

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