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Electric vehicle (EV) charging on site holiday cottages

Electric vehicle (EV) charging on site holiday cottages

With the increase in popularity of plug in hybrid and electric vehicles in the UK alongside predications that sales of these types of green vehicles will only grow and grow, it’s clearly important to owners of electric vehicle (EV) looking for a holiday cottage in the UK that they are able to charge their car whilst away on holiday!

Finding a holiday cottage with an electric car charging point

The public network of charging points for owners with electric vehicles is expanding week by week.

Reassuringly, these charging points are available at most motorway service stations as well as many supermarket car parks and city centre street locations.

Some National Parks are also installing them to promote greener tourism. And the National Trust also offers charge points for your electric vehicles at a growing number of its locations.

And with the improvement in battery life, electric and hybrid cars are driving further and further between charges.

The number of brands investing in and selling electric vehicles is increasing – with Tesla, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Hyundai, Renault, Smart, Kia, VW and Jaguar all producing electric cars!

In fact, more than 54,000 plug-in cars were sold to UK buyers in the first 11 months of 2018!

But of course, not everyone wants to spend time at the services waiting for their vehicle to charge! So whilst you will have left home with a full charge, you will more than likely want to top this off when you get to your destination.

As owners of EV will already know, it is not always safe to just plug a car into a normal electrical socket - it can take much longer to charge than a proper charge point and could also overload the circuit, fuses and sockets if they are not able to withstand the additional current. Plus the nearest plug may not be anywhere close enough to accommodate the length of your car’s charge lead.

If you own an electric vehicle, you will therefore need a dedicated home charging unit, installed by a registered electrician, with its own dedicated electrical spur, guaranteed to handle the high electrical draw.

So how exactly do you go about finding the perfect holiday cottage for you – with easy to access charge points for your ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) too?

The best holiday cottages with charge points for ultra low emission vehicles

Reassuringly, we have a number of holiday cottages throughout the UK that come complete with easy to access charging points for your electric car or plug in hybrid.

Which means you can relax in your holiday cottage, safe in the knowledge that you can thoroughly explore the local area without worrying about whether or not you’ll make it home! Please remember to check each individual cottage listing for details of what type of charger they have. 

Not only can you filter the 13,000 cottages on Holiday Cottage Compare by electric vehicle charging points, you can also select hundreds of other features that might matter to you when booking a holiday cottage in the UK. Features that help personalise your choice to help find the cottage most suitable for you.

The good news is that we can cater for just about every requirement you might have when choosing a holiday cottage– after all, it’s not just about the usual criteria around party size, location and log burners!

So if you also need a downstairs bedroom and bathroom, that’s no problem. A walk-in shower or wet room? Or a cottage with wheelchair access? Also, no problem.

Our easy to use filter function lets you narrow down your search by price and of course, you can select additional features that are most important to you.

We have literally hundreds of filter options for you to choose from – everything from a wine fridge; coffee machine and home cinema to cottages with a swimming pool, sea view and enclosed garden.

The best locations for a cottage break away with an EV charge point

We want to make sure that you book a holiday let that is best for you, so that your holiday cottage break with electric vehicle charging is the best it can be. We give you so much variety and choice that it’s easy to find exactly what it is you’re looking for.

We have thousands of holiday cottages throughout the UK, from the very north of Scotland right down to the tip of Cornwall – and everything in between.

You can search our website by town, city, county, country or even area of interest – and better still, to save you time, you can search for these altogether at once!

Or why not try putting in your current location and then setting your maximum drive time or distance and seeing what suggestions come up?

Still stuck for ideas? Why not browse our holiday cottage destinations page for popular location and suggestions?

Take a closer look at our collection of self-catering holiday cottages and apartments available in the UK with an electric vehicle charge point .

Booking a holiday cottage with an electric car charging point

Our selection of holiday cottage breaks with a point for charging your electric vehicle are displayed below.  To find the best one for you, use our filter options on the left, to narrow down what is available until you find your favourite cottage.

If you have any questions about booking a holiday cottage with an EV charge point, then please feel free to contact us – we’re always happy to help with questions about the cottages and to give you advice before you go ahead and book.

And if you’d rather concentrate on your driving whilst we find the perfect place for you, then please contact our concierge service and tell us what you are looking for in your next holiday cottage. We aim to get back to you with tailored suggestions within 24 hours.

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