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Pool table holiday cottages

Pool table holiday cottages

Take a look through our selection of self-catering holiday cottages and apartments in the UK to rent with a pool table.

Please be aware that many agents will tag a property as having a pool or snooker table and that the same table may double up for both games.

If in doubt, please check the details of any holiday cottage you are interested in.

Holiday cottages with pocket billiards table

Whether you call it pocket billiards or pool, this popular cue sports game is played on a table with 6 pockets.

Look up the rules and they’re likely to vary according to the version you’re playing – as each specific pool game has its own name including blackball, seven-ball, eight-ball, nine-ball, ten-ball, straight pool, one-pocket and bank pool!

Whichever one you’re playing, a holiday cottage with a pool table is sure to keep everyone in your party entertained, whatever the weather…

Holiday cottages with a full sized pool table 

Not all holiday cottages with a pool table offer a full sized table.

Pool tables can vary from small tables more suitable to younger players, right through to a bespoke games room with a first class table, ideally suited to competitive gaming for the genuine enthusiasts.

The best holiday cottage with a pool table?

If you need help finding the best holiday cottage with a pool table, then please get in touch with Holiday Cottage Compare and we’ll be glad to help you find somewhere best suited to your requirements.

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